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A series of photographs taken by โ€˜Bruce Davidsonโ€™ entitled โ€˜Brooklyn Gangโ€™ He followed a group of teenaged who claimed the streets of Brooklyn NY as their turf.

โ€œI found myself involved with a group of unpredictable youths who were mostly indifferent to me. In time, they allowed me to witness their fear, depression, and anger. I soon realized that I, too, was feeling some of their pain. In staying close to them, I uncovered my own feelings of failure, frustration, and rage.โ€

(Source: exprexs, via princessisatimebomb)


1950’s Lingerie ad sketch.

Dita Von Teese http://lingerie-for-dita.blogspot.com

Review: Agent Provocateur Soiree Ester Bra & Knicker
Credits: Photography by Karolina